Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Elemental Music

Music… that endless desire to dance – even if you can’t – to shine and be as free as an eagle soaring the skies. Once you spread your wings, there is no stopping, no giving in; no holding back; the world rests below you, calling to you, begging you to take it with you as you glide on the wind. You want to; you want everyone and everything to be free, but for now, you’ll have to fly alone, enjoy all the sun and the sky and the greenery below on your own.

The wind has its own music. The earth too – if you know where to land or where to stand.

Let the sun shine on your face, the grass tickle your toes. Let the wind hold you, feel your body loosening to it so you can dance together; pick up its rhythm and frolic together in unison.

Dance… music… air… earth… wings… the sun... sky…

Freedom washing over your body, mind, heart and soul.

Let it come.

Source: Deviantart 

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