Friday, October 31, 2014

Hate - Poem

It sits still,
Slowly simmering,
Waiting patiently…

Waiting for that moment
When the shell bursts
Unravelling the horror within!

It knows your weaknesses,
Your dreams and your desires.
It waits
For that moment
To shine like a black smoke
On a beautifully calm morning.

It creeps to your mind and heart,
Both at once
Enveloping them in a shadow of fury.

As silent as a snake,
It knows where to hide
And when to strike!

Fear itself fears it.

Hot like iron coming from the furnace,
It is loud and angry,
Like adrenaline rushing through your body,
It knows no end.

It's possessive,
Like black magic.

It inflicts the powerful
More than the weak,
For it seeks those with the most to lose.

It is unresting,

When it strikes,
It gushes

It is intelligent,
It knows you.

Like heroin,
When it possesses you,
You cannot control the urge,
The need, the desire…
You let it rule you.

Like a Vampire,
It lusts for blood.
Like an angry boulder,
It desires utter destruction.

Can you hear it?

It's like furious hooves
Trampling a colourful flower bed.

It is pure

- Note: I was planning on a book review for a scary short story collection for Halloween but stuff happened so I figured why not post a scary poem instead.

Comments are highly appreciated on this one.

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