Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October recap, November to come

October is over – in case you haven't already noticed!
I was able to commit to my bi-weekly posts of Friday and Tuesday, though not entirely according to the schedule I set.
I did however learn that I should at least have a rough draft of the posts that I need to do every month and a couple of back up posts for those that don't make it on time, especially when it comes to book reviews.

October marked the two-year anniversary of Nadaness In Motion and it also had my 26th birthday.
In October 2014, I took part in my first EVER blog tour, by posting a book review of Aoife Marie Sheridan's newly-published novel Hunters.
There are other blog tours to come, one in November and possibly another in December.

I'm lagging behind with my reading, however, but have no fear, reviews will be there soon!

Book reviews posted in October:

The Colour of Dishonour (short story collection)

I also posted a humourous short story of mine titled "The Wizard's Apprentice". Comments are highly appreciated. How's my sense of humour?

I also did an interview with Rebecca Chastain, the author of A Fistful of Evil. Check it out here.

I was planning on reviewing Bram Stoker's Dracula for Halloween but did not make it. Also my alternative post, a review of Darren Gallagher's Strings (a collection of 33 horror short stories) was not successful, however, I am halfway through the book and I hope to post it this Friday.

I have a rough draft of my posts for November, or at least for the book reviews:

Strings by Darren Gallagher
Hand of Fire by Judith Starkston
Krymzyn by BC Powell
Bound by Duty by Stormy Smith
The Duality Principle by Rebecca Grace Allen (Blog Tour, 28 November)

And of course there is more to come!

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