Monday, November 10, 2014

The Picture - In Memory of My Grandmother

This post was originally scheduled for Friday, 7 November, 2014, what would have been my grandmother's birthday – but due to personal reasons, I could not post on that day.
This poem is dedicated to and inspired by her, the life she lived as well as that of her sisters, some of whom have also passed away.

The Picture

An old grey and white picture
Sits silently in the entrance
Happy, youthful faces
Smiling, welcoming all who enter.

Seven sisters and one brother;
A family,
Young and vibrant once.

Time passes,
The picture stays,
Slowly fading.

One by one
They are consumed,
A face fades,
A smile is erased.

One by one
They disappear,
Snatched by Time’s
Ever-moving clock.

A family photo
Welcomes all
But brings both
Smiles and heartaches.

A greying, fading photo
With a hundred inter-connected lives,
With a thousand intricately-bound memories.

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