Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Inspire - #Takhayyal

Paint me a picture
Paint me a world
Let us dance on words
Of love, beauty and joy
Of fantasy, power and glory
Let us ride the waves or wind
Or both
Fly, swim or dive;
A world of our own
To love, to share

Paint me something beautiful,
Something different
With green, blue, orange and gold

Paint me an eagle or a griffin
Paint me a friend,
A world of my own,
A retreat, a realm

Paint and I’ll move in
Amidst the strokes of your brush,
And colours of your palette

Paint me a rose or a lake,
Paint me butterfly or a tree,

Paint me something to enjoy,
To put a smile on my face
And let me live again

This poem is picture-inspired and part of the Takhayyal writing prompt series. Feeling inspired? Post your own piece or check others' posts here.

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