Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Ray of Hope - Takhayyal

At last life has begun to creep into the sun once again. It had been gloomy for days.

I had to walk to the car the other day and the wind kept hurling me back-and-forth, struggling to get me out of the way and onto the street.

Though I had moved the pretty little pots in my balcony to the comfort of my room, I could still feel and sense them shivering, wondering why the sun had not graced them for several days.

I could tell they too missed it.

But at last this is coming to an end and I can see the light coming from the sky, faint though it may be, it is still light; a ray of sunshine, a ray of hope.

My piece for this week's Takhayyal. I hope to write another one soon.
Comments, as always, are highly appreciated.

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