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Lyrics and Such - Poetry Collection Book Review

Book: Lyrics and Such 
By: Layden Robinson
Genre: Poetry Collection
Publication Date: 19 April 2015

Lyrics and Such by Layden Robinson is a collection of 58 poems, songs and lyrics on a variety of topics and themes with different ideas, tones and messages.

The collection is divided into several parts, with pieces taken from the author's various lyric and poetry collections. Each of these is mentioned here and underlined.

I felt that there was a need for punctuation especially in terms of commas that would better help with the flow of several pieces. There was also an overuse of 'within' to mean 'in'. I would have preferred the use of the latter.

While, I would like to mention my comments on all, I will just note a few recommended pieces to read in this collection:

Part 1: Songs from "Verse:
"Epitome (Wishing)" is a lovely piece; dark with lots of imagery (just the way I like it); however, I did not like the repetition at the end. Four stars to this one.
As smooth as glass our love should have lasted
Lasted, through the miles of time
Amongst the tragedy, across the tides
In the distance the sculptor rides

"Already There" has a good refrain but I felt the last line was a bit confusing, while the piece titled "Now" enjoys a good rhythm and word choice.
So now let us forget yesterday
And indulge within the now
The future will have its say
But the now still needs to be found

"Angel from Above" is a five-star piece. A must read! Similarly, the final piece in the first part of the book is titled "Unity" and is brilliant. Five stars for this one as well!

Part 2: Songs from Music Meets Emotion
"Become Free" is a beautiful song. Reading it I could feel and hear the words "become free" being said by a chorus. I enjoyed this one a lot.

Part 3: Songs from Adversity
"Mother's Side" is an emotional and beautiful piece dedicated to mothers. However, I felt the second half of it was a bit confusing. Still it's a good read.
"Disarray" is an enjoyable dark-ish poem. The conclusion is powerful and I would love to hear this recited out loud someday. Meanwhile, "Confession" is a super short piece. I did not feel the confession part as the title suggests and I wanted to read more. The opening line, however, took hold of me and I couldn't stop reading it "Dance within the masquerade as your virtue attempts to discover".

The poem "When We've Won" is a hopeful with a strong feel to the words in it.
Short, hopeful and enjoyable, "Strength and Love" is another recommended read, followed by the holding-on-themed piece "Before You Leave". The words are just full of love.

Songs from "Within"
"Forbidden" is a deep and emotional poem. A must-read, while "Floating" is an interesting piece, although I did not like the ending.
On the other hand, "Rest for Me" is a staggeringly beautiful piece. I love the music in it and would love to hear it sung or recited someday. Five stars to this one.
"Claim the clouds
The vision of the shining sun
All wrong has become undone
A romantic and his warfare
His theme and his crushing tears"

Words from The “Blues Love Undiscovered” Days
"The Moment" is five-star must-read (and sing-to) lyric. Loved it!
"Dirty Mama" is a fun song. I listened to it on YouTube and enjoyed the lively metal-ish music.

Song Lyrics from "The Vault"
"Free the World" is a stunning song and poem. A must-read that reminded me a bit of Michael Jackson's "Heal the World".
I enjoyed the piece titled "Where" with its rhythm and sense of searching.
I was once the hunter
But now I am the prey
Have you ever wondered?
Where is the way?

Other recommended pieces from Lyrics and Such Poetry include:
"Fade (I don't know)"
, "Life and Death", "Starlyn", "Wishing on a Rainbow", "Rise", "The Other Way", "Answers", "Warmth", "You Are" and "Better".

Overall rating: 3 stars.

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