Sunday, June 26, 2016

Be Still My Beading Heart – Book Review

Be Still My Beading Heart is a short mini-mystery standalone novella that is part of Janice Peacock's Glass Bead Mystery Series.

Bead maker Jax O'Connell goes to drop off a bead order and returns to find her car missing on Valentine's Day. She sees a tow truck moving away along with the new-on-the-job cute cop.

The short mystery does not involve a murder, making it extra cozy and light, but the mystery is of where Jax's car has disappeared to and whether or not she can get it back.

Jax is also lacking in the romance department. She says: "I usually didn't get much attention from the opposite sex, other than from my attitudinal cat, Gumdrop, but I don't think he counts, nor does Stanley the Bassett hound. The dog snuffled into the living room at that moment, sidled up to me, and gave me a slobbery kiss on the arm. That was probably the closest thing to romance I'd see this Valentine's Day."

The handsome Detective Zachary from High Strung, the first instalment in the series, whom Jax also thinks is hot in a Clark Kent/Superman kind of way makes an appearance.

At one point, Jax has to defend herself and what she uses cracked me up and I just wanted to give a thumbs-up to her and to Janice Peacock.

Be Still My Beading Heart is cozy and enjoyable and I highly recommend it.

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