Sunday, October 16, 2016

Excerpt from Rebecca Gransden's anemogram

It gives me great pleasure to feature author Rebecca Gransden and her book anemogram.

Book: anemogram
Author: Rebecca Gransden
Genres: Fiction/Mystery/Magical Realism/Urban
Number of pages: 254
Publication date: 20 August 2015
Publisher: Cardboard Wall Empire


A mysterious young girl emerges from the woods. Alone, she wanders into the life of David. David is wrestling with an unsatisfactory existence and searching for a sense of purpose. He decides to look out for the girl but soon discovers she may not be all she seems.
Together they decide to seek out a place of safety, away from a world that could misunderstand their relationship. They journey through the fringe landscape of the outskirts, the rundown and forgotten. As their troubles come to the surface events take a turn that will have life-changing consequences for the both of them.
Anemogram is about a young girl and the power that is given to her. A story driven by the inner worlds of its characters, the surreal and dreamlike fuse with the mundanity of the everyday, inviting the reader to take as much as they bring.

Excerpt from anemogram

She skipped along the fence. It sagged from the top, maybe with age, perhaps from people climbing over it. Her boots scuffed up mountains of dust which she soon added to by forcefully thwacking them across the earth until her ankles hurt. She reached the dip under the fence, her entrance yesterday, and slipped under.

This time she ran around the outside of the yard. The grass was thicker and she boldly whizzed to challenge the wind. The surround of this dump went on for an age. If there was a smooth bit of fence she ran her hand along it as she ran. A rusted projection scratched at her but didn’t break the skin. She slowed, breathing hard but distracted by the oncoming entrance to the yard ahead, and the dusty track which moved away from this place.

She didn’t want to go there yet. So she turned and headed across open wasteland, into the domain of the sun and its cherishing death. She bobbed up and down and held out her white dress, spinning and drawing in the warm air. Her legs were cherubim podgy and she moved like an electrified hamster. The wasteland contoured down a textured valley which in turn vaulted into the distance and away. She stood in its open magnificence, its blanched earth under the blue-white sky of God. Everything in the distance; she would play unseen. She left her giggles behind her as she took off running. The ground flattened like an ancient seabed and she took her little body over it. She forgot her feet as she chased her own arms down. The surrounding landscape stayed static and true as she fed her hunger for abandonment. Her heels caught stone and a sudden unevenness which slowed her, her laughs lower and her focus redirected. The tree line ahead was coming up fast. Time to look and see.

Who is Rebecca?
Rebecca Gransden is an author from the south coast of the United Kingdom. After many years writing short stories for her own amusement she finally got around to writing her first full length novel, anemogram. Her writing focuses on fringe voices, and the natural world has a great influence over her output. Having lived by the sea all her life, she is drawn to the edges of things. She actively supports indie and self-published authors and is encouraged by the energy of this scene. Currently sitting on several projects, she hopes to have more writing available soon.

Connect with the Author via her blog, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon.

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