Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Writer's Pen by Nada Adel Sobhi - Poem

A pen,
Plain and simple
Can bear a thousand words,
Or none at all.

One can write cursive,
Another dots and lines

You don't know what you'll write,
When you hold it to the page

Dots and lines
Hinder your words;
Your mind 
Can't see the writing
On the page

The inky one
Lets your words flow
Like a waterfall,
Quick but steady.

The words vie
For precedence;
All want to land on your page.

All want that cursive-flow writing ink.
Your mind has no control,
The words just fall
One after the other…

Red ink
Blue ink
Black ink

Sometimes the words pick the colour,
Or is it the pen that picks the words?

On and on, they flow;
An avalanche.

This pen;
I shall cherish
For the words
And will not cease…

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