Sunday, December 4, 2016

Black & White - Poem

She sees it all in black and white;
For her it’s either day or night,
No shades of grey in between,
Nor red, nor blue, nor green.

She lives in the light,
But would easily stray to the darkness,
Without a war, without a fight,
Where she’d become stone-cold and heartless!

She lives in the light,
But in its intensity, she shies away.
Her own dreams, she may blight,
Frustrating her own path-way.

She has so much potential,
But, for her, everything has a price,
Decisions are consequential,
But she doesn’t care, her heart is ice!

Would that heart of her melt?
Or would it grow thorns?
Would she forgive and forget?
Or succumb to becoming a devil with horns?

Life is not black and white,
Crystal clear or dead of night,
There is so much in between,
So much red, blue and green!

By: Nada Adel Sobhi

Written Friday 27-7-2012

An old piece. Can be a he or a she.

Your thoughts and comments are highly appreciated. (Shares too).

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