Friday, January 20, 2017

Cornered by Nada Adel Sobhi - Poem

A flurry of voices,
A treble of feet,
A thousand choices,
No, just one: Defeat!

The wind howls,
The people pray.
The mighty general scowls;
There is no other way!

The end is near,
Yet on they pray.
Death is here,
Yet they still look to the day.

Bones and teeth clattering,
The cold sweeps through,
Walls of hypocrisy shattering,
To crumble and not rise anew.

Eyes open wide,
No way to turn,
Nowhere to hide,
Tonight the liars burn!

Run, Run, Run! But where to?
Looking here and there; cornered,
To the forest, to the river some go,
Backwards, forwards; nowhere to go.

The drums of war resound;
The general has come.
Then silence. Not a sound.
Death has come!

Photo credit: Unknown. Image found online. Not mine.

This poem was inspired by JJ Sherwood's Kings or Pawns novel, although I must note that I was a little more than half-way through the book (which is a must read!)

Check out the my five-star book review of the novel here.

Your comments and reviews for my poem are highly appreciated. 

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