Friday, January 13, 2017

Demons of the Mind by Nada Adel Sobhi - Flash Fiction

Darkness attacks my senses, my mind can't break free from the invading blackness. My breath freezes in mid-air and worse mid-mind. I fear my brain will forget to tell my lungs to breathe.

Sitting in the darkness, I ponder where I am.

A howl pierces the surrounding silence. Then more follow.

I close my eyes, but what difference does it make? It's too dark anyways. I feel a hot breath behind me, even though I could have sworn I felt a wall against my back.

Tears run down my face, sweat down my arms and neck. I'm freezing. My body is cold; anxiety is threatening to shatter my bones. But worse, fear.

My teeth clatter. I feel the breath again followed by howls and barks.

Rabid dogs?

I scratch my arms in attempt to wake up from this nightmare, but I bleed and I'm still there.

"P-Please, please, anyone help me!" I scream in my mind, but the words only come out as a mere whisper.

I try to move away from the wall, but the howling surrounds me. Then I see them.

White and yellow eyes shining in the black expanse before me. I'm not blind, but I wish I were.

They're coming for me… I have nowhere to run, no energy to fight.

Fear eats at me.

They enjoy it. I can see their eyes glitter with malice at me.

I scream. Over and over.

My mouth is parched, my voice almost non-existent.

To whom am I screaming? Who will answer me here? Where is here?


Then they leap at me. Beasts from the netherworld. I feel them tearing my limbs.


"Dr. Ambrose, I believe the patient has suffered another episode. This one seems to have been fatal."

"I believe you're right. The patient's condition was more advanced that we thought." Dr. Ambrose rubbed his chin. "What puzzles me is the blood. How did he end up like that?"

The two physicians stood observing the body, scarlet covering the torso, neck and arms. Beastly scratches spread across the face and neck. A bloody mess, in a padded, confined room, where patients would supposedly be unable to hurt themselves.

Artwork fear by James Wolfe - strehle_www.wallmay.net_96 - Image found online

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