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Excerpt from Ruin of the Gods by Erin Hayes + Giveaway

Ruin of the Gods
by Erin Hayes
(The Elysium Legacies, #3)
Publication date: 8 October 2017
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Mythology

Hell hath no Fury.
Because she’s taking a vacation.

Officer Tessa Forney is a brilliant cop with a fiery temper and a predilection for toeing the line of the law. She’s good at her job too, much to the chagrin of her by-the-book partner Raph. She just always seems to be at the right place at the right time.

What Raph doesn’t know is that Tessa is actually Tisiphone, one of the Furies of ancient Greek mythology. After breaking up with her boyfriend of five-thousand-years because he cheated on her—bastard—Tisiphone is determined to take her anger out on the bad guys during her extended mortal vacation.

But when too many gods and goddesses suddenly decide to take time off, the balance of nature is thrown into disarray. And the consequences are far bigger than Tisiphone could have ever anticipated.

These gods aren’t going on vacation—they’re being kidnapped. And she will have to find them before it’s too late.

Excerpt from Ruin of the Gods by Erin Hayes

“Where do I even start?” Argus murmurs softly.
“From the top, perhaps?” I offer with mock sympathy. “Like where Dionysus may be. If you know anything about Gelos’s disappearance. And who the hell is invested enough in all of that to put a glamour on Dionysus’s house to make everything seem peachy keen.”
Even though I’m getting Argus to speak, he still shifts his gaze around, as if anyone else would be caring. Finally, he says, “It started long before that.”
“Tell me.” He hesitates and my patience snaps. “Look, you obviously want me to help you, otherwise you wouldn’t have shown up this morning. So… tell me, or you’re really going to make me mad.”
Argus blanches. “It’s Typhon,” he blurts.
All at once, the blood in my veins freezes, and an involuntary shiver runs down my spine. My teeth threaten to chatter. There are very few names that can frighten me. And that’s one.

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About the Author:
Sci-fi junkie, video game nerd, and wannabe manga artist Erin Hayes writes a lot of things. Sometimes she writes books.
She works as an advertising copywriter by day, and she's an award-winning New York Times Bestselling Author by night. She has lived in New Zealand, Hawaii, Texas, Alabama, and now San Francisco with her husband, cat, and a growing collection of geek paraphernalia.

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