Friday, March 30, 2018

20 Quirks and Strange Habits of Famous Writers - Infograph by Jack Milgram

Today, I'm re-featuring freelance writer Jack Milgram, whose new infograph on famous writers and their quirky traits is full of fun insights that many authors can relate to, or readers probably didn't know about. 

The new post titled 20 Quirks and Strange Habits - The Weird Side of Famous Writers, includes authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Agatha Christie, Franz Kafka, Virginia Woolf - just to name a few.

I've featured Milgram on Nadaness In Motion before in the post titled 28 Boring Words and What to Use Instead.

The new post is a little long but exciting nonetheless. Feel free to leave a comment or note in the comments section below. 

Happy reading!

Infographic by Jack Milgram Custom-Writing.Org

Feel free to get in touch with Jack Milgram via Twitter or Facebook, or you can comment on the blog post itself. 

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