Friday, March 2, 2018

Achievements & Setbacks in 2018 by Nada Adel Sobhi

I've set targets for myself and I have to admit to myself that I have failed several of them. BUT that was in February and a little in January.

This post is not about my failures but it is merely to highlight where I have fallen prey to procrastination and sloth. Even with the setbacks, there has been progress and it is important to remind oneself of the progress and the achievements not just the failed attempts at going forward.

In November, I hit a major milestone and made an achievement I didn't know I could do. I've been basking in that achievement since and that's WRONG! But to make that achievement, I've had to make some sacrifices at the time. Now life is back in the mix, which is making it hard for me to get things straight.

Sometimes, one simply wants to waste time. And as many already know, time tends to move slowly when you want it to fly past, and literally slips through your fingers when you want it to slow down so you can take a breath and work on yourself.

Time's a lot of curse words. But I digress. Time is not only to blame, but I'm to blame as well.

In February, I set my 10,000-word writing plan, along with some editing plans. Instead, I only wrote 388 words in Darya's story by pure coincidence.

Midway through the month, I decided I would not pressure myself. February is a short and busy month (half my team at work had holidays, I caught a cold towards the end) and it just wasn't working out.

I decided that I would let this month go, no targets, and no regrets (well slightly) and I would start March with new vigour and targets.

In January, I set out a few resolutions to help me track my progress throughout the year. I'm not moving as fast as I hoped; there have been a few setbacks, BUT there is progress and here it is:

·        I started attending online writing bootcamps and I'm working on improving my freelance writing
·        I've taken an online paid course to develop my career
·     I learnt that I need to create a writer's website so I'm planning to launch that in March (this month)
·        I've finished reading one short self-help book and I'm halfway through the second.
·        I've created my portfolio on Contently.
·        I've written around 3 poems in January
·        I've written a combined total of 8,377 in January (5,616 in Darya's story, 2,439 in personal articles on my blog & a 322-word flash fiction piece titled "A Boom of Blue" – poems excluded)
·        I've listened to several hours of Udemy courses in both January & February. Haven't completed any courses but I'm halfway through three courses, which I hope to conclude in March.

There are a few things on my resolutions list that I have not yet approached but there are 10 more months in the year and I will achieve them – God willing.

A piece of advice I recently came across was finding an accountability buddy for certain tasks. I've not taken that step yet because I'm trying to be accountable to myself first. I don't want to get depressed by not doing what I planned and simply skipping on my unnamed accountability buddy just yet.

As for the blog, I've been on an off, but the writing prompts are ongoing. I also have a few author interviews sent out and some underway. I'm still trying to finish up a piling list of accepted book review requests. You can check out the newly added reviews along with what's in the works here.

Now that I've made the admission to myself – I even have it down in writing, it's time to begin March with new hope, vigour, and willingness to improve oneself, and move forward with the resolutions (set forth on this blog :D)

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