Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nature's Trance

Can you hear that distant melody?
That woman’s voice amongst the trees?
As the sun sifts through the leaves
The earth dances under your feet,
Like a beating heart.

Look closely but not desirously,
You’ll see fairies of all colours;
Transparent glittery wings
Fluttering against the wind,
Like baby butterflies.

Inhale the fresh air,
Taste the forest’s scents,
Your tongue will yearn for more.
Orange, pine, mint,
Roses, rain, damp grass.

Your bare feet feel the rhythms,
They dance in this mystical trance.
The air carries you,
Your voice now pure, magical,
Sings a melody in the distance.

The forest is calling you:
‘Become part of me, fulfill your destiny’.
A woman’s voice sings amongst the trees
No one can see her,
But her voice resounds an ancient melody.

This poem was also titled "Songstress". Feel free to tell me which do you find more fitting, or make your own title suggestions. Thank you.

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