Friday, June 21, 2013

Reign of Fire

At last, my reign of fire has begun!
The world as you know it will be undone!
Burn precious land! Burn!
To rule you, has come my turn.

Green is not my colour,
But blazing red is.
Come, has humanity’s hour,
To see how devastating life will be.

The time has come for them to see,
The beauty of mortality.
Wallow not, for you have all been consumed by your greed,
Now you sow the thorns of your seeds.

Plenty, the world gave you,
But repay it kindly you did not.
Now brace yourselves for what it will give you,
You idle, cunningly conniving lot.

The fields of green will burn red,
‘We have it under control,’ you said;
The seas of blue will turn black with rage,
And my fury will last for an age!

Then, if you live still,
We shall see what becomes of your will.
Will you end the storm and learn?
Or shall we annihilate your spawn?!

Burn precious land! Burn!
Show these men the choler in your core!
Burn mighty land! Burn!
Let’s see if these creatures have a heart or will exist no more!

Burn furious land! Burn!
See them crumble; it’s their turn!
Burn bitter land! Burn!
In this age, all life, to ashes, will burn!

The poem is picture inspired - with a hint of personal stuff.

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