Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Preparation - Takhayyal flash fiction

Photo taken by Stephanie Nehme

I breathe the salty air, the serenity, the scenery.

The hills beyond embrace the island like a mother holding her child; I feel at home here. The earth, the air, the water, all in perfect harmony and my fire to complement them.

We are all at peace together as we recognise one another, though we know it is not often so. And still I have a task to fulfil, my assignment, my kill.
I clean my swords and sheathe them, my daggers too; one in each boot. Then my bow and arrow.

I enjoy the power that courses through me as I hold the wood. I prefer old school, not the new metal ones with a lot of contraptions. The old ones are more accurate; straight and to the point.
I feel the wind pick up; the water too is rising slightly. They are becoming aggressive in response to my growing firepower.

It will be over soon and I can come back to enjoy this sight alone once more.
Whoever said assassins have no taste for beauty; we have taste, though perhaps not the time. Nature is where I belong, where my power runs freely, where I can be me without prejudice or contempt. True, we are not always on good terms, with water, air and earth but we have respect and that is all that matters.

My eyes move to the mighty mountains before me. They seem to beckon me, silently. I’ll get this over with and answer their call.

I look at the mirror briefly, pack my weapons, and adjust my clothing. I turn to look at the calming scene one last time before I leave for my assignment and my calling.

Let the fun begin.

My piece for this week's Takhayyal. Comments are highly appreciated and encouraged. There are two prompts this week, check them out here
It is also part of a supposed work in progress; one that I should allocate more time to soon.

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