Sunday, March 29, 2015

Resist - Takhayyal 7

Photography by Florin Albei

Winter scalds me,
Takes away my green warmth,
Bathes me in rain and snow,
Howls at me with wind,
But always fails to crush me.

I shudder in its presence,
Looming over me,
But I resist.

There is hope,
A light shines everyday
Stronger than the one before it

I hear the birds,
The forest awaits it
With open arms

I feel it approach:
Warm, kind and pure

Spring will come for me,
Rescue me
From winter's icy clutch

I will be green again
And a rainbow
Of colour, magic and beauty
Will surround me once more

All I have to do is

Photography by Florin Albei

For this week's Takhayyal, I used both pictures, although winter and spring in Egypt are not like those described in the poem, but I was using the pictures not the real ones.

As always comments are highly appreciated. 
If you find the one or both of the pictures inspirational, post your piece or link to it here.

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