Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Woman Power – Takhayyal flash fiction

Wire Sculpture by Seung Mo Park - found online

Silver starlight washes over me like a million day dreams in the night. The moon bathes me in power, beauty and glory. I feel stronger in my skin.

Power courses through me as electricity courses through a metal wire.

The feeling is strong, yet surreal; overwhelming yet liberating.

My soul, my empathy, my fire, is growing as a sapling in the perfect atmosphere; only much quicker.

I feel whole, but more importantly I feel alive.

I am ready to face the world once more. I feel a woman, like I've never felt before.

This piece is inspired by Women's Day and this week's Takhayyal prompt.
The title might not be the best, so I'm open for suggestions. 
As always comments and shares are highly appreciated. 

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