Monday, March 2, 2015

On Takhayyal

The first month of Takhayyal is over. Four weeks with four posts and around 6 pictures or prompts. I've received a fair amount of support from my friends who have begun writing again or continued to write. Others, mostly students from my university, have also decided to try their hand.

Arabic for 'Imagine', Takhayyal has seen posts both in English and Arabic. I've commented on some pieces, been late for most, but more comments will come on Saturday because it turns out that weekdays are more than hectic.

I've enjoyed receiving photography and artwork for the prompts and hope to keep receiving them.

Personally, I have only written two pieces to the four weeks – the fourth having been posted yesterday – Thursday - gives me some time to brew up something. Check out this week's artwork inspiration here.

Although I could not resist the pieces I used for the Valentine's Day vs Friday the 13th week, I have been unable to sit down and write. Still, since the posts are not entirely bound by any deadlines, I'll see if I can write something sometime this week and post it for those particular pictures.

The 5th of March will mark the fifth prompt and I'm so excited about this coming artist I'm featuring. So stay tuned!

I want to thank all the previous participants in Takhayyal. Please do not stop writing, participating and sharing.

I have also updated the Takhayyal page, so anyone can easily check out the previous prompts and get inspired by them. If you come in late to a prompt, feel free to post your link or piece in the comments.

If you are an artist, painter, photographer and would like to have your work featured for a week, contact me via the form on the side or at

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