Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One Dark Night - Takhayyal 11 short story

I heard her singing; I couldn’t make out the words. My feet seemed to move towards the voice without consulting the rest of my body.

Had I not smelt the salty air and felt the sand under my bare feet, I wouldn’t have thought I was near the sea. The waves were awfully quiet.

There was a tinge of cold in the air but the melody kept me warm, drawing me a path, pulling me forward.

I reached the edge of the water and placed my lantern on the ground. There was something off about my reflection, like it wasn’t my own. I bent down for closer look. A woman arose from beneath; an angel of beauty from the deadly darkness below.

Her song played in my head as I watched her lips move, forming words I’d never heard before.

She touched my face, captivating me even more. It was strange but I yearned for her lips and yet there was something odd, she seemed sad but her lips kept singing.

A new night, a new victim; that’s the curse of a mermaid, especially a young one. Our voices ring and echo stronger than the older ones. I hated this, but I could not escape.

I had to hunt or I would become the hunted.

The night was dark, almost starless. I wished no one would come. But alas, my prayers were unanswered, as someone did come, a boy of no more than seventeen.
My song seemed to have woken him up; he was barefoot, his hair dishevelled. 

He was in a daze, I could see it in his eyes, and yet he seemed to see my sadness.

Would he forgive me when I pecked his lips and pulled him to his death beneath? Would he forgive me when my sisters’ fangs devoured his flesh, leaving nothing but bones and torn clothes? Would he forgive me, when my mother adds his skull to my so-called trophy wall?

I don’t think so. I know I wouldn’t if it were the other way around.

But that is my curse, till I’m old enough to swim away and strong enough to suffer the consequences.

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