Thursday, October 8, 2015

Author Darren Gallagher raffles 5 free copies of Strings

It gives me GREAT pleasure to announce that author Darren Gallagher is offering five – yes FIVE – copies of his scary short story collection Strings exclusively via Nadaness In Motion.
Below is the synopsis for the book along with an excerpt from one of the short stories and of course the giveaway.

About the Author:

Darren Gallagher was born and currently lives in Co. Donegal, Ireland. Having dropped out of school at fourteen, he decided in 2008 to finally pluck up the courage and follow a dream that had been haunting him since childhood.
Receiving a Diploma in Creative Writing from Kilroy’s College in Dublin was the first step in re-learning the English that he’d forgotten, and that he never knew.

A natural night owl, when everyone else is sleeping, he hears the bumps and the creaks, captures them, and turns them into stories to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Synopsis for Strings

33 dark tales; the invisible bindings that tie us all together.
Within this book you will find terrifying tales from catastrophic celebrations, to freaky family funerals… …
Beware the supernatural, Beware the weather…
Beware the strings.

Excerpt from "A Bag Full of Ashes" from Strings.

“Rose, Rose, Wake up,” Daniel said, shaking her gently.
Rose stirred and opened her eyes.
“Wake up,” he repeated. “Santa’s come.”
Excited, Rose jumped out of bed.
Daniel told her to be quiet and not waken their parents and they hurried down the stairs.
Rose ran into the sitting room. Her smile quickly faded when she saw a dirty old bag sitting where her presents should be. Turning to ask Daniel why there were no presents she saw Johan sitting on the sofa. He didn’t look happy at all.
“Daniel?” she asked, confused. “Where are my presents?”
“They’re in that bag,” he said, smile beaming from ear to ear.
“No they’re not,” Johan said, angry.
“Don’t listen to him, go open your presents.”
Rose walked toward the bag slowly, she didn’t want to open it, but she knew Daniel would make her pay if she didn’t. She knelt down and reached for the bag.
“Don’t open it, Rose,” Johan said, regretfully.
“Shut up, Johan!” Daniel marched towards him but Johan cowered into the sofa.
As Rose sat watching them, Daniel turned on her. “Open it!”
She reached out and opened the bag to look inside. “What is that?” she said annoyed.
Daniel laughed. “It’s your Christmas present. You’ve been a bad girl this year so Santa left you a bag of ashes.”
Johan sat on the sofa, infuriated with hate.
“You’re mean.” Rose got up.
“Where you going?”
“Back to bed, and I’m telling in the morning!”
Daniel pushed her back.
“No you’re not, go back over there and play with your present!”
Suddenly, the door slammed shut and a crackling laughter rang out in the room. Eyes widening, they looked at each other. There were goosebumps rippling over their bodies.
As the laughter stopped, Daniel reached for the door handle. It wouldn’t open no matter how hard he pulled. There was another cackle of laughter. Rose ran to Johan and hugged him as Daniel looked at him questioningly. Johan had no answer.
Suddenly, the tree shook and the little bells on it jingled. Their eyes shot toward it. The laughter was coming from that direction. The tree shook again; the bells rang and the lights flickered. Johan looked at Daniel, he was terrified.
Something jumped out of the tree and landed on the floor in front of the fireplace. It was about a foot tall and was dressed in a Santa suit.

Check out my full 4.5-star review here.

Interested? I hope so. You don't have to do ALL the requirements, but it would be nice to do as many as you can. There are FIVE copies so spread the word (and don't be miserly)

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Strings is also in my list of recommended reads for Halloween. You can check out the full list here.

Happy/Scary reading! : )

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