Sunday, April 3, 2016

Are printed books making a comeback? + Coffee Table Books – Guest Post by Christopher Logan

Today, I'm featuring author and actor Christopher Logan, who has written this guest post exclusively for Nadaness In Motion about books, printed books and Coffee Table books.

Books can surprise you. It may be the killer's identity, or even a sudden shift in who's narrating the tale you've been reading, but there is always a twist and turn that delights. The latest delight for me is that books are coming back strong.
With everyone able to download a novel at the click of a mouse or the tap of a button, you'd think the printed book was well on the way out. It almost seemed it was, but now there seems to be a resurgence. It's the books that don't translate well to downloads, that are leading the way. Books with high-end photography, painted pictures, complex graphic work and old school art print quality are catching people's eyes again.

The difference in the rich details, the deep inky blacks and the vibrant complicated colour schemes, leave the Facebook and Tinder photo surfer in awe. It seems downloadable books have lowered the expectation of what a printed book can be and people who now happen across them, are more than simply charmed…they are blown away.

I've been producing books for a short while now. First, a lovely tribute to the drag performers that have coloured my world for so long, and now I'm following it up with a big tome on the world of Burlesque. From men with too many fashion choices for one gender to women who just leave it all on the floor, we're exploring the subcultures of the arts in vivid, impactful photography. These images stay with you.

The thing about putting a book project like these together is that there are so many people involved. Usually when you think of a book, there is just the one writer. These books are huge collaborations, orchestrated events and a balancing act all at the same time.

And even though they can be the cause of many stressful moments during the process of putting them together, there is one thing that makes it all worthwhile: Connection. Books connect writers with their audience. My books have connected an audience with an entire cast of an artform, introducing a new group to an old school.

Bridging the gaps between downloads and print, between fringe elements and the mainstream, and between the printed word and the ever visual image, books are still surprising me.

About the Author:

Christopher Logan is an actor (X-Files, Tron Legacy, Connie and Carla, Once Upon A Time) and author who compiled two coffee table books in his 'performance arts' series through Bookthefilm Publishing. The books 'dr.a.g.' and 'Burlesque' are available for order through his website

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