Friday, April 29, 2016

The Story of Lucius Cane - Book Review

The Story of Lucius Cane by Vanya Ferreira is a novella – or short story – introducing the ancient vampire Lucius Cane, who meets an unlikely and strange foe.

An introduction to a series, the story consists of a prologue and seven short chapters.

The novella is quite short and does not leave much room for character development. It does, however, give a good description of both Lucius Cane and his opponent.

The story alternates between Lucius and Jack, also known as Jack the Hound, mostly for his rugged and vicious appearance. Jack, too, has a paranormal side to him, although he is not a vampire.

"He noticed that his eyesight had improved and that he could see perfectly no matter how dark, his sense of smell had become so acute he could smell a break baking at the bakers over a mile and a half away…"

There is also the mystery of a secondary voice inside Lucius' head. Although we are told that that is for another – much longer – story.

"You have to be quick about it, Lucius." Spoke a dusty voice but Anne did not hear it.

I like how the story unfolds. Some of it may appear as cliché, one man asked to kill another, but the ending – I definitely did not see that one coming.

"One day he came to the belief that there isn't anything quite as thrilling as hunting man, the most dangerous animal of all."

Overall, The Story of Lucius Cane is an interesting and quick read. It certainly makes you want to carry on with the rest of the series.

Overall rating: 3 stars.

Note: I received a free copy of The Story of Lucius Cane from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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